Developmental Deep Dive

When the first draft is done, it's time to step back for a hard look.  You need to know if your story hangs together, where it can be strengthened, where it loses steam, and if your openings and endings are nailed.  This service is for you.  I will also look at character subplots, the over-all structure in relation to the story's genre, pacing, emotional punch, and world-building.

This package includes:​

  • an hour-long initial consultation phone/Skype call so you can share your vision, and I can learn your focus and goals for the work

  • a deep-dive read-through focusing on plot, subplots, structure, characters, and genre trappings

  • creation of a chapter-by-chapter book map to help you navigate any revisions needed

  • an editorial letter addressing global issues and triumphs

  • a wrap up phone/Skype call to discuss any questions you might have.

Pricing for this package is dependent on manuscript length and overall shape.  A standard 80,000 word novel is $2,000.00, and takes 3-5 weeks.  Greater length or a manuscript which is rougher will be more and take longer.  Please request a quote for pricing on your specific project.

If you're looking for more polish than structure, take a look at The Short Service.

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