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Line editing (sometimes called stylistic editing) focuses on your use of language to paint your story. I will go through your manuscript line by line to ensure your narrative voice and style of writing are consistent all the way through.  I will focus on phrasing, telling vs. showing, repetition, passive voice, dialogue, point-of-view, etc.  Some fact-checking may also occur.

This is the next to last polish of a manuscript--the last being a copy edit.  While I might suggest cutting or moving sentences or paragraphs, I will do it in such a way that it preserves the meaning and voice of your text.  

If you need an overall review of your manuscript's quality, structure or pacing, please check out The Developmental Deep Dive or The Short Service, depending on how crunchy and in-depth you want to get.

This package includes:

  • a 30-minute initial consultation phone/Skype call so you can share your vision, and I can learn your focus and goals for the work

  • an initial read-through to grok your story as one of your readers would

  • a second, working read-through

  • an editorial letter addressing global issues and triumphs re voice, style, etc.

  • a marked version of your MS in Word or PDF with suggested changes

  • a wrap up conversation by phone/Skype/Zoom to discuss any questions you might have

The average Line-By-Line is $1,500.00 (USD) for an 80,000 word manuscript, and takes 3-5 weeks.  Manuscripts that are longer or need significantly more work will price higher.  Please ask for a quote to receive specific pricing for your project.

The Short Service

When you need general feedback of your manuscript's first 30,000 words, this is for you.  This is perfect for getting the final polish on the pages most requested by agents (the first 25/50), the entirety of a short story or midway for a novella prior to submission.   Reviews of longer works are also available.

This package includes:

  • a 30-minute phone or Skype call to talk about the focus you'd like me to give your manuscript

  • a comprehensive read-through of the work

  • an editorial review

  • a mark-up version of your manuscript if typos or other copy errors are found

  • 30-day window for follow-up emails or chat regarding questions you may have (does not include a re-read)

Pricing for The Short Service is $500.00 for 30,000 words, $1,000.00 for up to 80,000 words, and $1,300.00+ for larger works.  Turn around time is 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of MS.  Please request a quote for your specific work.

Query & Synopsis Review    

Ask any fiction writer, and they'll tell you the worst part of writing a story is crafting the query letter and/or synopsis.  Whether you want your query letter tweaked, your synopsis sharpened, or both given a spa treatment at the same time, I'm here to help.  

This includes:

  • An hour conversation to sharpen your prose, trim the fat, and engage your audience.  

  • One follow-up read to assess  your changes, with notes.

  • A half hour conversation to polish the last details. 

Pricing is $200 for one review, or $350 for both as a package.


As a Thank You to my established clients, I am happy to look at any other short editing project you need done, fiction or non, as long as it is something in my wheelhouse.  From resumes to university entrance applications and essays to blog copy, I'll give it the editorial once over.  

This includes:

  • A quick email or chat to review the project and your needs

  • Two hours editorial time

  • A fully notated document in Word or PDF with revisions or suggestions

Pricing is $150.00 for standard turn-around, or $275.00 for under 24-hours.  Additional editorial hours will be billed at $100.00 per.

Other projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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