Other Services

Character Clinic

Genre fiction is almost always character driven.  But what do you do when  your writing group doesn't care about your characters?  Dig deeper!  Characters that are emotional compelling, who are relatable even if unlikeable, and have conflicts to work through are the characters that sell stories.  This is where "unique voice" comes in.  Take your character from meh to marvelous by checking them into the Character Clinic.

This is great for your antagonists, too!

This package includes:​

  • A questionnaire to help map your character's needs, motivations, misconceptions, antagonists and struggles

  • A readthrough of your first chapter to ensure all the above is on the page

  • Homework for deepening, character developmen, and voice

  • Review of homework for considerations and celebrations

This package is a flat $500 fee, and covers several weeks of back and forth work.

Query Letter & Synopsis

Ask any fiction writer, and they'll tell you the worst part of writing a story is crafting the query letter and/or synopsis.  Whether you want your query letter tweaked, your synopsis sharpened, or both given a spa treatment at the same time, I'm here to help.  My goal is to get your query package out of the slush pile on onto the editor's desk.

This includes:

  • A conversation via email, phone, Discord or Google Meets to go over your objectives

  • A readthrough of your query package

  • An editorial letter with suggestions for changes, and documented edits

  • One follow-up read to assess  your changes

  • Time to answer any lingering questions you may have.

Pricing is $200 for one review, or $350 for both as a package.  

Famous Firsts

Do you want a critique of your first page, first five pages, or first twenty?  I'm here for you!  This is for writers who are sending their firsts out to agents and editors as part of a query or pitch package, and will give you a hard edit of these representative pages.

This includes:

  • A blind reading of your pages for initial impressions

  • A secondary reading to get at the nitty and gritty of each page

  • Editorial letter and document(s) with markup to go over suggestions and strategies

  • Follow up convo for questions you may have.

Pricing depends on word count based on double-spaced pages with 12 pitch font and 1" margins:

  • First page (approx. 250 words) is $50.00

  • First five pages (approx. 1,250 words) is $75.00

  • First ten pages (approx. 2,500 words) is $150.00

  • First twenty pages (approx. 5,000) is $225.00


As a Thank You to my long-time clients, I am happy to look at any other short editing project you need done, fiction or non, as long as it is something in my wheelhouse.  From resumes to university entrance applications and essays to blog copy, I'll give it the editorial once over.  

This includes:

  • A quick email or chat to review the project and your needs

  • Two hours editorial time

  • A fully notated document in Word or PDF with revisions or suggestions

Pricing is $150.00 for standard turn-around, or $275.00 for under 24-hours.  Additional editorial hours will be billed at $100.00 per.

Other projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.