Review: Fast Color

Promo picture for the movie Fast Color with actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw in grey-scale, gazing to the left. streaming from her to the right is a wash of saturated water color.

I am notoriously behind the times. With movies and TV shows, I usually trail a couple of years behind the curve. Sadly, Fast Color was no exception for me. I remember a preview in the theater, being excited for this story, and then missed it totally when it was released.

Then again, so did most of North America, which is a crying shame.

Fast Color is an extraordinary superhero story about a young woman healing her past and stepping into her power. It's an intimate movie, sublimely acted, and masterfully directed. It's an origin story without explosions or dead parents, where the reward is living a joyful life safe within your own power. Why did we all miss such an amazing movie? For one, Lionsgate Entertainment gave it a release that wasn't simply limited, it was minuscule: 25 theaters across the US for its truncated run. I have some suspicions about why. Perhaps it was the color of the main casts' skin, or that they're mostly women.

Yeah, that was my bitter voice.

The good news is that this wonderful creation is available on DVD and is streaming via Amazon. You should watch it. I should watch it again.

Seriously. Do it. You'll thank me. Then tell me what you think!

Fast Color. Directed by Julia Hart. With Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lorraine Toussaint, Saniyya Sidney, David Strathairn. Lionsgate Entertainment. 2018

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