Role Playing Games 

Systems and Story Editing

Role playing games bring their own unique needs for publication.  Whether you are writing for a big box publisher or are distributing through indie-sites, your rules, supplements and creative fiction need to be crystal clear and engaging, or you lose your players--and your revenue.  As a long-time die-hard RPer and editor, I'm incredibly passionate about seeing RPGs get the best treatment.  At the end of our time together, you will know your fiction copy supports your technical writing, and that all of it is in service to your game goals. 

For solo video games and MMORPGs the focus is on smoothing and tightening character dialogue and enhancing supporting world copy.  Nothing chucks a player out of immersion as fast as flabby or obvious dialogue!

Pricing for RPG editing depends on the scope of the project.  Please tell about your RPG and goals by clicking on the Let's Get Started! button.