Line Editing

This is for manuscripts which have been through structural or developmental editing.  You know your plot hangs together, and your characters are mostly solid.  Now is the time to work on chapter form, flow, emotional depth and deepening your characters.  We'll also dig out the tools to build tension.

The Process includes:

  • a 30-minute initial consultation by phone, Google Meet, or Discord so you can share your vision, and I can learn your focus and goals for the work

  • the initial read-through so I can swim in the story as your regular readers would

  • a second, deep-dive read-through as an editor addressing your concerns, and look at structure, pacing, characters, plot, hooks and leads, and voice

  • an editorial letter addressing your manuscript's global issues and triumphs

  • a wrap up conversation to discuss any questions you might have and where you'll go next.

Pricing is dependent on the length of manuscript.  Click the Let's Get Started! button to get particulars for your project!