The Process

This package is for those writers who are serious about honing their craft, and moving their manuscript from a early draft to a polished product ready for querying or indie-publishing and who want someone in their corner.  This package allows you to bounce ideas, get detailed feedback, and have an honest cheerleader around.  Expect weekly deadlines, once-a-month calls, and a detailed road map for revision that will get you to your goals.

Prices for this package depend on manuscript length and whether you wish a 6- or 12-month duration.  Please request a quote for specific pricing.

The Process includes:

  • an hour-long initial consultation by phone/Skype/Zoom so you can share your vision and learn your focus and goals for the work

  • the initial read-through so I can swim in the story as your regular readers would

  • a second, deep-dive read-through as an editor addressing your concerns, and look at structure, pacing, characters, plot, hooks and leads, world building, and voice

  • creation of a book map to help you navigate any revisions needed

  • an editorial letter addressing your manuscript's global issues and triumphs

  • agreed-upon weekly deadlines for your writing targets

  • critique of weekly submissions

  • monthly, hour-long  check-ins via phone/Skype/Zoom to review, strategize, and get your questions answered

  • a full read-through of the completed manuscript at the end of the contracted time

  • a second editorial letter covering possible additional revisions and celebrations of excellence

  • a wrap up conversation to discuss any questions you might have and where you'll go next.

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