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Genre Book Coaching & Editing 

by Kath Nyborg

 Readying you and your

SciFi | Fantasy | Urban Fantasy
Mystery | Thriller | Dystopian fiction & RPGs

for self- or traditional publication


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Kath Nyborg 

I'm a genre story junkie.  I thank Nancy Drew, a governess named Jane, a curly-haired hobbit, and the planet Dune for that.


Through the magic of WHAT IF?  genre fiction offers a respite from the turbulent seas of daily living.  Whether it's interactive fiction--such as RPGs or video games--or traditional and graphic novels, shorts, plays and movies, genre fiction not only entertains but allow us to live a thousand lives. 


The best genre stories change us and our world.

As a coach, it's all about your goals for your career and your evolution as a writer. 


As an editor, I want to see your best, most marketable story come to light. Together, we'll review your manuscript with an eye toward achieving your dreams for the work.  I'll develop a map for its further development and revision. When we're done, you'll send your fiction into the world with confidence.

How far or wide we travel is up to you. We can transform glimmers of an idea into a full-blown plot, or deep dive into character arcs and narrative voice. Or perhaps you simply need another set of eyes to spy out where the plot holes lurk, or a friend in the wilds to point out what is marvelous in your fiction.  Whatever the need, I'll serve it up honestly and with fierce support for your creative endeavors. 

It is my pleasure to be a squire on your writing journey.  To begin, tell me more about your project.

My bona fides: I am a long-time member of Sisters In Crime and the International Thriller Writers.  I am also a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Northwest Editors Guild. My BA is in Victorian Lit (Hello, dark and brooding!), and Theater Arts from Seattle Pacific University. For a decade, I was lead writer/editor for the first mystery MMORPG on the web. My free time is spent writing spec-fic, creating and playing RPGs, cooking, and taking pictures of my four-feets.

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What Is Your Manuscript Ready For?

There are several levels to the coaching / editing / revision process for fiction.  Think of them as the skills used to polish a precious stone: 1) deciding on the shape, 2) cutting away the dross, 3) adding facets to deepen color and brilliance, and 4) giving it a final polish so that it shines in any setting.

Not every MS is ready for a line-by-line or a final polish.  If you're just beginning your creative journey, you may want a Sherpa to guide you up that mountain.  A first draft isn't ready for proof-reading, but it is ripe for a good developmental look-see.  Which type of editing is right for your project?

Coaching -

Every writer needs more than an editor now and then. Sometimes you want insight and encouragement, someone in your corner, someone who will cheer your career on, and help you achieve your writing goals.  This service is author coaching toward publication, pure and simple.

Learn more about my coaching services.

Editing - 


When you've finished your novel's first/rough draft it's time to see how the story hangs together, if the characters have staying power, and where the plot holes dwell.  This service will not only give you an editorial letter pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement, but an in-depth chapter-by-chapter breakdown that will serve as a road map for revisions.  Learn more about my developmental services.


Line editing (sometimes called stylistic editing) comes after story structure and character are nailed own.  It focuses on use of language to paint your story. I will go through your manuscript line-by-line to ensure your narrative voice and style of writing are consistent by focusing on phrasing, telling vs. showing, repetition, passive voice, emotion, dialogue, point-of-view, etc.  Learn more about Line Editing.


This is the last round before querying your baby or--if you're an indie--setting your MS up for publication. This editing pass focuses on quality control.  While many authors feel they don't need a last, fresh pair of eyes on their work, this final readthrough picks up errors writers can no longer see and separates the neophyte from the professional. Discover more about my proofreading services.

Role Playing Games - Systems & Stories -

RPGs need a different type of development and edit.  A cross between a technical manual and a short story, the best of rule books seamlessly mesh the crunchy bits with the illustrative heart that keeps your player--new or old--hooked.  We work together to ensure the whole package is ready for publication. Learn more about RPG-Systems & Stories

More Services - 

From query letters to synopses, first pages to character critiques, I make sure you're covered!  Learn more about my other services.


What Clients Say

"If you're serious about getting your story ready for publication, Kath is the editor for you. 


"No excuses, no coddling, just making my work solid.  She was vested in helping me become a better writer, and that's what it's all about."

-- Sally McDougall, Author

Contemporary Mystery